Bear in free cloud storage mind the time when you’d frequently get close to running out of space for your own email? Perhaps you had to select which precious correspondence to keep and which to garbage.
As soon as I started a Gmail account a couple of years back, I heard one of the fantastic benefits of cloud storage — your belongings can be found from anywhere.

This might not look like much of a perk initially, but as time continues, you realize it actually helps.

Now it’s possible to save all kinds of things online without paying a penny.Is that a fantastic thing to do?

I was amazed to realize there are far more of them out there than you can ever envision.Some are better than others and also let you share your documents with other people that may be quite good if they’re too big to send attachments via email.

1. pCloud

Free Space: 10GB
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Since: 2013

Founded in 2013, pCloud aim to become the most easiest to use cloud storage for end user without sacrificing the complexity and importance of security.

2. Google One (Google Drive)

Free Space: 15GB
Country of Origin: United States
Since: 2012

Google is no stranger for all of us. They collaborate all their services such as Docs, Sheets, Slides and many more and sync all of those into Google Drive.
The convenience in working within their Eco-system make it one of the favorite for user.

3. Dropbox

Free Space: 2GB
Country of Origin: United States
Since: 2007

Another seed accelerator from Y Combinator, Dropbox is one of the earliest market players for cloud storage industry back in 2007. Their innovation and creative energy is what keep them going and becoming one of the leading cloud player.

They had more than 500 million users spread across 180 countries as of now. Check out their latest Dropbox Smart Sync feature here.

4. Amazon Cloud Drive

Free Space: 5GB
Country of Origin: United States
Since: 2011

Amazon strike and delivers on durability and stability. Amazon cloud drive store all your photos, videos, files and etc in one place. If you are a Prime member, you get unlimited storage for all your photos.

Do not forget that your free 5GB will be expiring in 12 months time though.

5. OneDrive Basic

Free Space: 5GB
Country of Origin: United States
Since: 2007

OneDrive Basic is a Microsoft free product for personal online storage purposes. It basically helps to store all your files and data on their server and nothing else for the free version.

Do check out on the differences of the OneDrive storage plans to get an overview of what are you missing out compare with a paid plan.


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