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Promote facebook page in 2019

Everyone who has been on Facebook makes a facebook page as it the best way to reach the maximum audience for your business. As Facebook provides boost option on Facebook pages which can reach wide audiences as well as the specific audience. Facebook collects the user’s data and their interest which helps small as well as big companies to target specific audiences according to their needs.

There are two ways by which you can promote your Facebook page.

  • Organically. Which is without spending anything on promoting the content on the Facebook page. This part is difficult as it requires a lot of time and patience.
  • Inorganically. Which is spending money on advertising and reaching a wide number of audience for your niche. This part is easy as to make proper content for the page and start boosting. It will eventually grow to the super audience who engage with your content.

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Promote Facebook Page Organically

  • To Promote your Facebook page organically it is very important to have your content ready.
  • Planning proper content in future and also and try to learn how your audience reacts to your particular post. It tells what your audience wants from your Facebook page.
  • If a Particular post gets high reach ( as soon in the screenshot below) that means your audience is interested in such type of content.

    facebook page insights
    facebook page insights
  • Sharing the Content on different types of groups it promotes engagements. While sharing keep that in mind that you don’t spam or else it will have a negative impact on your account. Facebook will block your account from posting in Groups. Try sharing 3 posts per hour. keep a proper gap.
  • Same Niche group will give better engagement
  • Try to engage with your audience as it helps to grow your brand. By replying comments and messages. Engagement grows and facebook detects the post as viral and start showing the post to many people in the news feed which increases the reach of the post.
  • Facebook Live is a awesome feature to make things easy for you to explain your audience about new release or new product etc.
  • Try to post when maximum fans from your facebook are online.
  • Content is the key way of reaching maximum number of audience. Create Content that your audience like. It will help you increase you ranking in news feed.

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Promote Facebook Page Inorganically ( Paid )

  • When you post any content on the page the boost is always available to boost. The boost option can be used for for detailed targeting and used for your business purpose.
  • First Click on the boost option
  • Then You have to decide whether you want engagements ( likes ) or Messages or views if you select messages you will get Button option which is optional if you take engagements.
  • In the third step you have to do detailed targeting. If your business is about selling courses in your local area than you may select the locality and the proper age and proper interest targeting which will reach to the correct audience. In this interest targeting you should choose what your course is about. If you are having photography workshop than you may target photographer , age 18 – 30 Etc.
  • Once you are done done with targeting than comes the budget part. If your budget is high you will reach lots of people. Putting a little budget is always preferred in the start.
  • Once you are done with the budget than the ad will go for review and mostly is accepted by 20 – 50 mints.


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